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english clouds   flower study 1   flower study 2   flower study 3   flower study 4
Chromatic corals   four seasons   gold geometrics   large
spherical coral
  marsh light
paste print
series i-vi
  silhouette orchids   Seascape 1   Seascape 2   Seascape 3
Seascape 4   Seascape 5   Seascape 6   lord bodner's octopus in brown   lord bodner's octopus study (triptych)
lord bodner's octopus study (triptych in brown)   octavio octopus saudi blue   copernicus botanical study 1   copernicus botanical study 2   "lazy afternoon" Triptych 1
"lazy afternoon" Triptych 2   "lazy afternoon" Triptych 3   folded map - california   folded map - california &
New Mexico
  folded map - utah
nature study
fortune tree
  taccani Espalier collection 5   the wishing tree   abstract 02
bw rectangle   banzanini owl studies 3   canada warbler   fork-tailed petrels   snowy owl
white-crowned sparrow   classical symmetry   language of landscape   light studies   linear abstraction
precipice   remnants of havana   small abstract landscape   stratum   yarrow graphique
banzanini owl studies 1   bartholomew hummingbirds 1   bartholomew hummingbirds 10   bartholomew hummingbirds 14   bartholomew hummingbirds 21
bartholomew hummingbirds 22   bartholomew hummingbird panels 2   capistrano blue seaweeds 1   caspari horse   lord denver
horse tripych
peter dunham wings   giorgio vasari
sea tree
  henriot giraud frescos 1   henriot giraud frescos 2   maria marian butterflies 2
maria marian butterflies 1, in blue   maria marian butterflies 2, in blue   rumana x-ray seahorse panel 1   rumana x-ray seahorse panel 2   taccani espalier collection 4
nile voyage turtle 2                
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